Captek crown is a natural looking, highly esthetic crown. The Captek crown is well known for giving predictable beautiful results. The Captek crowns and bridges have the lively color and contours of natural teeth. Captek™ is an esthetic solution for everyone.
The Captek™ coping has a gold, yellow-orange color. 
This color provides the most natural color as the background for the porcelain.
Dental dentin has a yellow-orange color naturally; a vital pulp produces a warm red background. The color of the Captek™ coping provides a natural looking crown, which blends with the natural colors of the oral cavity.
Therefore the gold color of the Captek™ coping provides the perfect base for any type of veneering; porcelain, acrylic or composite.

Captek™ has a predictable esthetic result.
Captek™ crowns will not create a dark gingival line around them. The dark shadow seen when using conventional metal copings is a result of oxide formation. Captek™ does not produce any oxides, therefore will not create dark shadowing around it. The Captek™ metal has a goldish color to it, giving a warmer, more pleasant edge to the crown, then conventional metals which are grey in color.
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