Gingival Health
Captek™ achieves better gingival health around it. Captek material has a positive effect on the gingiva, promotes its health and maintains its natural appearance. Captek is unique in its positive interaction with the surrounding tissues.
The gingiva is not only unaffected by Captek™, but has a positive effect.
There is less gingivitis and recession around a Captek™ crown.

Around the Captek™ margins there has been proven to be less bacterial accumulation then around natural teeth or other crown systems. Clinically it is evident that there is less gingival inflammation compare to any other crown system.

Captek™ is fabricated solely from precious metals, which do not react in the oral environment. There are no oxide formations by the Captek™ metal, no oxides to penetrate the surrounding gingiva. The Captek coping will not create a reaction in the gingiva, there will not be a darken line around it.
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