Natural Feel
Captek crowns and bridges have a natural feel in the mouth. With their natural appearance, excellent fit, healthy and many more contributing characters. A Captek crown feels natural and integrates seamlessly in any situation.
Captek™ is a unique metal coping made of high noble precious metals, primarily gold. Its special internal structure and composition will resist oxide formation, even beyond pure gold, as seen in research. This exceptional property maintains the porcelain natural characteristics and original color and luster.

Captek™ crown has some flexibility to it. It is not a rigid stiff material. The exceptional shock absorbing qualities derives from Captek’s unique three layers structure. Shock absorption protects the veneering porcelain as well as the tooth abutment, natural or implant. The inner and outer layers of Captek™ are highly elastic and resilient and absorb very well the shock vibrations that travel through the porcelain.

Captek™ provides an esthetic strong, durable crown even in smaller, thinner teeth. With its one of a kind structure and composition, the Captek™ crown can be thinner then conventional metals allowing greater creativity to the technician. Captek™ crowns can be conservative with minimal thickness crowns. Resulting in natural contouring of a tooth, that looks and feel an integral part of the oral cavity.

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